Beginning at the End

Usually we start a project, relationships, and even stories with the end in mind. It’s not because we just want the end result; it’s because we want to make sure that whatever we’re working on is properly created and sturdy against the tests of time and scrutiny.

So, hi there. I’m writing this on December 31st, 2014. You won’t see this until, at the earliest, January 12th 2015. I wanted to start off this new site with a little bit of a recap, a sort of foundation to build on as one year ends and a new one begins. This won’t be super extra long, don’t worry. My attention span doesn’t really go much longer than an episode of Park and Recreation, so it most definitely will be shorter than that.

Since I really enjoy watching ESPN’s Top 10 (and Not Top 10) highlights, I’ll steal their idea and give you the Top 10 of this year, from where I see it.

TOP 10

10. Some of the best movies released this year, like The Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies, Interstellar, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Of these movies, though, I was blown away by Guardians Of The Galaxy. Marvel took a C-class comic story that most people had never even heard of and made a top notch movie out of it! A movie that left me saying, “I am Groot,” waaaaaaaay too much. I’m not ashamed though.

9. Some really great music released this year too, like Sam Hunt’s Montevallo, Taylor Swift’s 1989, Lecrae’s Anomaly, Switchfoot’s Fading West, Young the Giant’s Mind Over Matter, Dave Barnes’ Golden Days, Jack White’s Lazaretto, Ed Sheeran’s X, and Elevation Worship’s Wake Up The Wonder. While I’m honestly not the biggest country music fan, my favorite album of the year that usually is on repeat in my car is Sam Hunt’s Montevallo. He’s got a super smooth voice and is a really catchy songwriter, so I get down to him for sure.

8. I had the great opportunity of working on the college and young adults ministry staff at my home church for half of 2013 and the first few months of 2014 coordinating the worship services, arranging music, scheduling band members, and making set lists for the services, along with set up and tear down of any stage we used.

7. I rekindled my love for graphic design and video editing while filming, editing, and designing elements for LifeGroup videos at SouthCrest. It’s been so fun getting to transfer vision into creation and production. I’ll be designing more graphics for this site and making more original images for publication and display this coming year.

6. I’ve been growing a pretty sweet beard. It even has street cred. I recently won a beard competition with this guy. So, I’m going to keep on growing it and letting it get long and flowy.

5. It may not mean much, but I turned 21 in September. I can now go to Cinébistro after 6pm, have a concealed carry permit for a gun, and have more responsibility. It’s pretty fun being 21.

4. I started working out regularly and going to the gym 6 days a week. I’ve felt more energetic and definitely stronger. I just feel loads better all around.

3. I moved to Georgia in May! My good friend Ian called me in February and offered me an internship at SouthCrest Church in Newnan, so after praying about it and some doors closing I packed up good ol’ King George and drove 10 hours, and have been there ever since.

2. But, on January 18th, I’ll be moving back to the 757 to be the student pastor at Next Level Church in Yorktown starting the 21st! My good friend and fellow blogger Rob Shepherd posted an opening for a student pastor on his church website, so after applying, interviewing, hanging out with the staff and his family, and a whole lot of prayer, God opened the door for a job offer and I gladly accepted. I guess this’ll make me Rev. Ray…

1. The final moment on my top 10 is really hard to choose, and is actually pretty personal. After a few failed attempts at starting dating relationships, and even being in one, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes people are difficult and fickle. Even I’m difficult and fickle. The final moment on my top 10 of this past year has been learning that relationships can’t be rushed into and must be carefully approached.


And there we have it. This is the foundation that I’ll be building on. I hope you don’t mind movie and music reviews, a little bit of theology, and a lot of my quirky and weird self.

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