Life is Tough

Life’s tough. Like really tough. The kind of tough that would be equivalent to thick, nasty callouses on a construction worker’s hands. And it keeps on getting tougher the longer we live.

On the countdown of “Days Left In Georgia,” I’m at about day 5. I have one more office day (after today), one more weekend, and one more Sunday before I pack up the White Wizard and make the trek back to The Old Dominion State and the 757. It’s bittersweet, really. My three best friends (Forrest, Brittany, and Courtney) here haven’t made this whole “following God” thing easy either. Because I’ll miss them. A lot. They’re my family here honestly. Add that to God’s awesome sense of humor, and it makes for a great story or two.

Let me explain what I mean.

I’ve been here for the past almost 8 months. During this time, the four of us would occasionally hang out, maybe once or twice a month as a whole (we worked together and there weren’t many people here our age, so we didn’t always want to see each other every waking hour). So, this is where God gets His humor in. For the past two weeks, we’ve hung out pretty much every day. You’re probably thinking, “Why didn’t y’all all just hang out from the beginning?” Yeah, I’m thinking that too.

It seems to me that as a chapter and a door closes in this thing we call life, the last few paragraphs or steps to the end get sweeter and sweeter, making us want more of what happened in that season. We look back on it all and say, “If only I had more time with them,” or “I wish we could’ve gone on more adventures and hung out more.” But herein lies a problem. If we keep looking back on the experiences we’ve missed out on or didn’t have, or dwell on the past, then that keeps us from experiencing the future. The things that will be life-changing and more fun than we could imagine. The things that will give us the best stories and best memories. More importantly, the things that will make us say, “God really spoke and worked in this.”

And that is what excites me about Sunday. Sunday is not just the bitter closing of a chapter, but a sweet opening of another. So, while life is tough, God is tougher. He knows what He’s doing, believe it or not. He’s sovereignly in control of doors opening, closing, and even being created. Here’s to gaining newer and funnier stories and memories.

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