The Wednesday Music Review: “Hymns For Her”

I’ve been a huge Dave Barnes fan since I first started college. I’m also very guilty of playing some of his love songs to one of the girls I was head over heels for. But I digress.

If you don’t know who Dave Barnes is, you probably know his music. He wrote “God Gave Me You” (which Blake Shelton did), “Until You” (which Billy Currington did), and “Love Will Be Enough For Us” (which Brandon Heath did). He has this bluesy, soulful color to his voice that makes you want to nod your head to the beat and give a little stank face, as in, “This is just so good I can’t help but make this face.”

His latest release, Hymns For Her EP, doesn’t disappoint. While it may be, as a whole, toned down and easy-going, it still is really catchy and hits you right in the feels. Dave is one of those writers that makes you want to love love, even if you’re the most cynical love hater in existence.

Just like with Medicine by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, I recommend you listen to this extended play all in one sitting. It won’t take you very long, since it’s only 6 songs and comes out at right about a 30 minute play time (give or take a few seconds). With all the love songs on this bad boy, Dave released it right at the right time; musical guys, if you haven’t figured out what to do for that special lady in your life, learn one of these songs for her. It won’t take you long. Write down the lyrics if you need to for when you sing it. You can even take the credit for “writing” it, since it’s so daggum new and she won’t know either way.


Power songs: The entire album.

Verdict: 4 stars

Why? While it may be a solid extended play, and is brilliantly written/arranged/recorded/produced, it really isn’t a “listen-to-all-the-time” kinda recording because of the singular message of love.

Rating System:
0 Stars = don’t even bother; Nickelback status of terrible
1 Star = maybe just iTunes preview each song
2 Stars = listen to the power songs on Spotify, but don’t buy
3 Stars = buy the power songs
4 Stars = buy the album and listen to it on occasion
5 Stars = this is a rare rating, and not many albums receive this score: buy the album and listen to it all the time; I’ve only given one album this rating, and it was Noah Gundersen’s Ledges

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