God Can Be Hilarious

One of the least discussed attributes of God is His humor. He’s the one who created everything, so of course He created humor. I’ve always said that God has the most unique sense of humor, usually pertaining to crazy situations in my life.

Well, here’s where His sense of humor shines quite brightly.

After much personal deliberation and thought, I broke down and bought a Fitbit. I’ve heard great things about them, and my pastor Rob Shepherd uses one on a daily basis. He was the one who got me into the Fitbit app, which I’ve been using simply as a pedometer and sometimes a food calorie tracker.

Plus, I know I need to be more active, and this is a great way to spur me to being less sedentary.

At lunch Sunday, I started asking more questions about the Fitbit and other fitness accessories, and I finally went out and bought one.

So far I love it. But here’s where God’s humor comes in.

It snowed yesterday. Most of the afternoon. So I was confined to my house. With limited physical activity.

To most, this kind of sounds like a dream. Honestly, I enjoyed my day staying in; we had the day off, and I got to rest a lot.

But it’s funny (to me at least) for this reason: I’ll probably have little to no physical activity to register on my new Fitbit.

So, I have this awesome new device and can’t properly use it for the next few days, other than to track my sleep. God, You’re so funny.


Where have you seen God’s sense of humor in your life?

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