I’m really starting to hate the snow. It’s beginning to be the most frustrating and annoying precipitation.

When I was in elementary, middle, and high school, it was the one thing we prayed for to happen. Anytime it snows even a minute amount in Hampton Roads, a few things happen:

  • Everyone forgets how to drive properly
  • Every place of business closes
  • Schools close

Whenever there was trace amount of snow possibly forecast for maybe an hour of flurries overnight, I remember sitting in front of the TV hoping that we would at least get a two-hour delay.

But let’s be real here, I lived in Virginia. It never snowed, for the most part. We only got out of school if there was a hurricane, noreaster, or some form of torrential rain.

This year is different. Very different.

It snowed last Monday night, and a LOT. Enough to cancel school for an entire week. And it snowed Tuesday night. Enough to cancel school for a day. And it snowed (or should’ve, since I’m writing this Wednesday morning) last night. (Probably) enough to cancel for another two days.

First of all, I’m asking where this snowfall was during my grade school career. I would’ve done anything to get at least an extra day off of school.

Second of all, I’m kinda frustrated since last night was supposed to be our Next Level Students service kickoff. I was all geared up and ready to start, and Jack Frost came rearing his ugly head and dropping the white stuff all over the area.

I guess it’s good because there’s finally good reason for school to cancel instead of the threat of snow. We used to laugh at the fact that school would be closed for no reason.

My friends in South Atlanta are laughing right now. Coweta County, where I was on staff at SouthCrest for 8 months before coming back here, has closed schools for “threat of snow”. It’s a safe move, considering Snowpocalypse 2k14 was devastating to the area and left loads of people stranded on I-85 for an extended period of time. But, there’s no snow there. At all. Nothing on the radar.

Snow can be annoying, fun, hilarious, whatever else you want to call it. I know that I’ll be taking advantage of it and getting more stuff done.


What’s your best snow day memory?

2 thoughts on “Snow-Em-Gee

  1. I love the snow although as I’ve gotten older, travel worries me. My best snow day was a few years back when we had a big snow the day after Christmas. Everyone was home and we had the best day ever making snowmen , snow cream, snow angels, and the list goes on.

  2. Fun post! My favorite snow memory was building a snow woman at 2 AM one morning with Stephen. He even repositioned the car so he could turn the headlights on and face it towards our house so we could see. It was freezing but sooo much fun!

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