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I’m heavily dependent upon technology. I’ll admit it. Today made me realize that fact way more than I had previously.

It’s kind of sad, really. Instead of skimming through books and reading context to write sermons, I use Logos to search through topics and pick out sentences here and there that explain the text.

I google everything. Google is a regular verb in my vocabulary. I’m kinda pathetic.

Here’s how I came to realize this. After much frugality and “feeding the pig”, I had the funds to upgrade my phone. So, after lunch yesterday, I went to the Verizon store and got a new one.

I had a moment of bliss, having a new device, until I relized this crucial point: my phone didn’t have any of my data on it. While I had a few vital bits of info, it was nothing compared to what I’m used to.

So I drove to meet Scott at Aroma’s to do homework and set up my phone. No big deal, just connect to wifi and be about my merry way, right? 


While wifi hotspots are lifesavers, this one wasn’t, especially not yesterday.

I couldn’t connect through my MacBook’s Covenant Eyes accountability software, so strike one.

I couldn’t connect to get my iCloud backup restored to my new phone, so strike two. 

We didn’t get to strike three though, because I was out of that coffee shop before it could happen. So I went home and got everything squared away. 

But the whole thing got me thinking. My life revolves around technology to the point that I even keep up with my physical activity through technology. 

It stinks that so much of what I do is based on “the grid.” I really feel like Ron Swanson at this point since he hates it, but really.

So I’m going to do better to use my technology for more honorable purposes than scanning Facebook and Twitter, and use it to promote loving Jesus, loving people, and making a difference.

But I need your help. If I don’t promote these things, I need you, yes you reader, to call me out. 


How has technology changed your world and how you interact with others? 

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