Let It Be Jesus

If it isn’t already obvious, music is big to me. I love it a lot and I can’t help but share my love for it by singing and playing songs. 

Yesterday, in a meeting with Rob and Stephen, one of my all time favorite Passion Conference songs popped into my head, and it’s really hitting me in the feels. 

Shameless plug right here: if you’re between 18 and 25, you NEED to experience Passion at least once. It’s changed my life and has shaped how I worship and serve.

Anyways, so during the meeting, the Christy Nockels song,   Let It Be Jesus , from Passion 2014, came to me and really got me thinking.

The entire song is about having Jesus as the central focus of every situation. Whether we’re abandoned, forsaken, consumed, whatever else, we have a solid rock to hold on to: Jesus. 

Let it be Jesus. 

It’s a funny thing, trying to keep Jesus as the center of every good and bad circumstance. We think that because we’ve been hurt or wronged, we can take the logical next step and retaliate. 

But we can’t. We’re called to be so much more than logically minded, but spiritually minded. So what should we let guide our next step instead of logic?

Let it be Jesus. 

When your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you out of nowhere, it’s natural to let anger and sadness be your focus. 

But you can’t. Peace and joy don’t come from people, but from God. What should we let be our focus? 

Let it be Jesus. 

When I was driving from Newnan to Downtown Atlanta for Passion 2015 this past January, after I had just accepted the offer to come on staff here at Next Level, I was preparing my heart for what Jesus wanted to show me through the weekend by listening to Passion 2014’s album.

The song that broke me wasn’t My Heart Is Yours, At The Cross, or Mercy, which are incredibly powerful songs, but it was Let It Be Jesus.

I really had to ask myself, “Where do I run to when the crap hits the fan?” 

It wasn’t easy to answer. But here’s what I want to happen: 

Let it be Jesus. Let it be Jesus. Let it be Jesus. 


I don’t know what your “it” is. I don’t know what’s trying to steal your focus from Jesus. I don’t know where you run to when troubles come.

Should life come crashing down around you, I pray that you let Jesus be the name that you call upon for refuge. 


What worship song really hits you in the feels when it comes on?

3 thoughts on “Let It Be Jesus

  1. Sick! I definitely agree with Rob, Here’s My Heart but also Lead Me to the Cross hit me right in the kisser.

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