It’s Complicated

Some things in life are way too complicated. Things like:

  • Eating soup, ice cream, and/or foods with sauces while having a beard
  • Drinking without a straw while having a beard
  • Finding a place to rent with two other dudes
  • Hanging stage lighting in a room
  • Finding a girlfriend
  • Starting a student ministry with crazy weather
  • Filling tires with air through a messed up valve stem
  • Getting a girl to actually talk to me
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill
  • Any chicken place that isn’t Chick-fil-A

I could go on and on. These things have frustrated me over the past couple weeks, and I’ve had to think to myself, “Why the heck is this so complicated?”

Okay, okay. I get that I could alleviate the complication of eating and drinking while having a beard by switching up my methods. That’s easy.

But renting a house with two of my friends? It’s like we’re telling property managers that we’re unemployed wild boyz, not gainfully employed, Christian young men. Pulling teeth with your bare hands is easier, I’m convinced of this.

You know what I’m also convinced of in this generation of young adults? We make life too complicated.

We bog down everything we do with too much extra, making what we do stressful and overly hard. Our entire lives become complicated and hard to explain.

Relationships have stopped being “dating” or “single”, and have morphed into “it’s complicated.”

We’ve added repetitive redundancy to our restating and our reiteration.

What should be 3 steps has become 30. What should be obvious has become mystified and unclear. What should be left alone and understood as sacred has become a blackhole of effort and dead ends.

While I truly do live an easy life and have very little problems or worries outside of choosing what to wear, I really wish life wasn’t as complicated. I know I add to the problem. I know I’m unclear. I know I stink and could do better. Remember that post I had a few weeks ago? Yep, still rings true.

I try my best to be a simple guy. I don’t ask for much when it comes to most of life. Food? Give me Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, and pizza, and I could live off of just that. Drinks? Sweet Tea and black coffee. TV? ESPN and local news. Music? Needtobreathe, Ben Rector, and Zac Brown Band, for the most part.

Simplicity is key. If we’re clear and simple, then things should be easy.

So let’s keep things simple. To be unclear is to be unkind. So be clear. Be simple. Be kind. Life is too short to be complicated.


What is one complicated thing that should’ve been simpler? How did that make your life harder? 

2 thoughts on “It’s Complicated

  1. Our heating system is a bit complicated and not working properly, and now we’ve added a new thermostat that makes it even more complicated. No more up and down heat. Just an extremely complicated situation that is making life harder and patience shorter. On the good side of things, I sure do see quite a few pretty, single girls in our church. 😉

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