To Be Known And Loved

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I love music. Music is the way that I express myself the easiest and clearest, and I get my fulfillment from playing it. 

So it makes sense that when God is involved in the music, things start to happen. 

Okay don’t check out on me here, I’m not going to get weird on you. Here’s what I mean. 

There’s something special about worship and Christian music for me. The message, the melodies, the masterful composition. It hits me right in the feels.

One line from such a song that’s been hitting me is by Will Reagan & United Pursuit. The song “Through and Through” has this line that says: 

You see me, and You know me, and You love me through and through 

Like, holy wow Batman.

God sees me.  Not only does He see me, but He knows me.

This is where the junk should hit the fan. If God truly does know me, He knows how screwed up of an individual I am. He knows my sin and my failures. 

Uh oh. 

He’s aware of how prideful I am. He’s aware of how idolatrous I am. He’s aware of how dirty and deceitful my heart is. 

So here’s where I get broken.

He sees me and knows me. But He still loves me.  Not just loves me, but loves me through and through.


Let me just pause here. 

God, the almighty Ruler of the universe, the only perfect and holy being in existence, loves me despite of and in spite of my dirtiness. 

Holy. Wow. 

Just thinking about that brings me to tears. I bring nothing to the table. I actually bring the table down. I’m an embarrassment to the table and its guests. 

But God still wants me at His table. 

Take Mephibosheth for example. Mephibosheth was a crippled descendent of King David’s best friend, Jonathan. 

Mephibosheth, who we’ll call Meph since his name is so tough to type, was living in a cave when David, who had promised any descendent of Jonathan a place of royalty, brought him to the palace. 

Meph pretty much deserved to sit outside the palace gates and beg. But David didn’t put him there.

David gave Meph a place of honor, the distinguished seat at his table. 


Because David saw who he really was, and because he was under Jonathan, still loved him. 

Weird huh? Meph couldn’t walk and was destined for a life of begging and poverty, but David took him and elevated him to the place of honor. 

That’s what God does for us though. We deserve to stay dead in our sin, but God breathes life into our lungs and puts us into a place of honor, all because we are under the righteousness of Jesus.

He sees us. He knows us. And He loves us. Through and through. 


Where has God’s love for you hit hard this week? 

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