Mind Dump

It’s time for a mind dump. I’ve had a lot floating in my brain, and it’s time to let it out.

The past couple weeks have been really tough. The friends I went to high school and college with are all graduating this weekend, whether yesterday or today, and unfortunately, I’m not. Seeing all the pictures of the graduation caps, head shots, and senior week activities has really been weighing on me because I’m not right there with them.

Yes, I’m incredibly blessed that I have a full-time job, am living on my own with friends, and am independent at 21, but truthfully it hurts to not be there with the friends who are doing things the traditional way.

After my freshman year of college, I transferred to the online portion of Liberty University to move home and save money, doing the unconventional thing and working while I took classes.

Sure, I have regrets about doing that. I regret not investing more in the LibertyU culture, meeting new people, networking more as a student, connecting with more professors, etc., even though God has blessed me immensely as a result of my choice.

I would love to be in Lynchburg right now, spending countless hours in the C-lab, hanging out at Cookout late night, and doing work in the library. I would love to be preparing for graduation. But I’m not.

Working full time for the past year has pumped the brakes on my education. Instead of being on track to graduate this weekend, I’ll have to wait until December to graduate. And let me tell you, it really stinks.

I could be this dead horse into the ground. I could go on and on about how hard it is watching the people who have been my close friends since elementary school finish college.

But I have a great life.

This past week has been a lot of me trying to keep my head above the water and treading lots of water, and while I’m happy for my friends, I know this is where God has me.

I’m sorry if none of this made sense. I’m sorry if it was unintelligible at best. But I wanted to let you in on what’s going on in my world. Thanks for reading.

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  1. We are glad you decided to work and lead future college students. They will learn from your successes and your regrets. December is only 6 months away and it’s nice you are on your own 2 feet being such a youngster that you are.;) Thanks for your transparency.

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